Cosmotrends Future View 2022-2027

A Strategic Roadmap for the Beauty Industry

What’s the world coming to? This question has always been in the air, but even more so over the past two years. The upheaval we have all experienced on a societal and personal level has left us with much uncertainty, but also better prepared and optimistic about the future. 

In a special project between Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna x BEAUTYSTREAMS, global beauty trend forecasting platform, we present a perspective on the future, in order to help you anticipate the big societal shifts which may impact your business. Major changes in technology, social responsibility, and sustainability will continue to reshape our world, with a massive, cascading effect on all industries, including the world of beauty.

This project is called CosmoTrends FUTURE VIEW 2022-2027, part of an overall CosmoTrends strategic initiative, which presents trends from a current and future perspective.

In order to develop the CosmoTrends FUTURE VIEW 2022-2027, we at BEAUTYSTREAMS tapped our Future Collective, a group of renowned global experts in diverse fields such as socio-politics, digital innovation, medicine, technology, art, sociology, and sustainability, for their unique viewpoints on the future. Then our experts applied the proprietary BEAUTYSTREAMS Trend Funnel forecast methodology to analyze and predict how these insights will impact the beauty sector. We hope these insights will serve as a useful guiding compass to the industry for the years to come.

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