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One Centralized Insights Platform
for the Global Beauty Industry

BEAUTYSTREAMS is the go-to insights platform for the global beauty industry.
It is the key reference point for strategy, product development, and marketing teams worldwide.

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Comprehensive content website updated daily with trend reports, forecasts, and industry news. Discover our vast image bank, product bank, and influencer bank.

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Proprietary projects created specifically for your company by top experts from our Bespoke Division.

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BEAUTYSTREAMS members span six continents and include all types of organization – from indie to corporate giants, local to international, mass to luxury, and more.

Made for the Beauty Sector 
by Industry Insiders

BEAUTYSTREAMS is a global media company. The platform is a connection point for the beauty industry – a go-to platform for strategy, product development, and marketing teams worldwide.

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Our team is here for you. Explore how to leverage our services and expertise to help solve some of your business challenges.  

The COVID-19 Impact

We are all affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  It has caused ripple effects throughout business, society, and lifestyles worldwide. Since early 2020, BEAUTYSTREAMS has been accompanying the beauty industry during the crisis through complimentary Webinars & Reports which offer expert perspectives and recommendations.

Contributing Back to the Community 
with the Openstreams Foundation

The foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster global collaboration, further awareness of key issues related to the beauty sector, and support education. By working together, the beauty industry can promote positive awareness on a global and local scale regarding issues such as women’s empowerment, gender equality, health education, and self-esteem.

BEAUTYSTREAMS is a lifestyle.

Our team lifestyle contributes to the richness of our content. From all corners of the world, we are gathering first-hand insights and regional perspectives. The BEAUTYSTREAMS Lifestyle site is an open window into our team sharing of food, films, and de-stress techniques.


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