BEAUTYSTREAMS is not just a company, it’s a way of life.

We have dedicated, passionate people with an open, creative approach to life.  After all, real commitment to a company can not only be obtained by contracts. Naturally sharing the values makes for a deeper, long-term connection.

Enjoying work and integrating it into our way of life.

One of our team once said “it’s like working with friends.”
And that’s really how it feels. 

Propelled by natural curiosity and a thirst for innovation

At BEAUTYSTREAMS, we have built a team of experts from diverse fields around the globe who have integrated us into their lifestyles. It started with a few like-minded people and through the years we have grown into a dynamic, multicultural team worldwide. 

Borderless approach to the world. Constantly exchanging across cultures.

Freedom to work from any location

Working with BEAUTYSTREAMS is a wonderful adventure of discovery and collaboration.

Kristina Markovski, Executive Editor Forecast
Sydney, Australia

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“I love being part of a global company: with people from different countries, time zones, and cultures. And that thanks to technology, we feel like we are close! It feels like a very advanced way to work.”

Stella Spinola, Social Media Editor
São Paulo, Brazil

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“It’s great being able to work from anywhere in the world. I enjoy the personal and professional enrichment from a truly international and culturally diverse team.

Abin Varghese, Marketing & Sales Manager,
Paris, France

“My experience working for BEAUTYSTREAMS has been highly enriching. An amazing team from all around the world, who are always willing to help and encourage each other to be better.”

Taina Laurino, Marketing & Sales Manager LATAM,
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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“BEAUTYSTREAMS is a big international family. We work seriously, passionately and laugh happily together. The atmosphere is caring, friendly and open-minded.”

Qiuwan Song, China Insights Analyst, Shanghai, China