WeCOSMOPROF International 2021

CosmoTrends Report: 
WeCOSMOPROF International 2021

WeCosmoprof International and BEAUTYSTREAMS are pleased to present the 2021 international CosmoTrends report. With its global team of beauty industry experts, BEAUTYSTREAMS has evaluated submissions from Cosmoprof exhibitor submissions to identify the key trends, notable brands, and products for this year’s landmark report.


Holistic hair care is the new well-being.

The ever-growing demand for hair health is a key beauty priority that continues to inspire a myriad of product launches and formulations. The new focus is on holistic hair care with ingredients that are associated with well-being. During the pandemic, the lack of access to salons meant that many consumers ventured to try professional treatments at home. This was made possible thanks to the launch of user-friendly and salon-worthy products, a trend that is set to continue in 2021 and beyond. The influence of skin care in the hair category continues too, with scalp-centric products, and aromatherapeutic as well as Ayurvedic plant ingredients sharing center stage.



Lab-made ingredients fuse natural and synthetic.

Beauty is drawing on the biotech industry to formulate innovative, “greener” ingredients that are clean, safe, and commercially viable. Ingredients such as squalane, a synthetic form of shark-derived squalene, are as potent, if not more so, than their natural counterparts. Moreover, consumers are increasingly realizing that not all synthetic ingredients are harmful. Biotech ingredients offer a viable and sustainable alternative to dwindling natural resources. They can be manufactured at scale in a lab, and at a higher consistency when compared to traditional extraction processes, further reducing the carbon footprint of the beauty industry.



Long-lasting formulations adapt to mask-wearing.

As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, the focus will once again return to the transformative power of lipstick as recent innovations in formulations and ingredients defy the inconvenience of mask-wearing. “The Lipstick Index” was coined by Leonard Lauder, chairman of Estée Lauder, during the 2001 recession. It refers to the staying-power of lipstick, an affordable indulgence, during hard economic times. Indeed, nothing beats a swipe of lipstick to feel confident and pulled together. Think transfer-free, shine minus the stickiness, and long-lasting benefits that accommodate the humid microclimates imposed by mandatory face-coverings. All hail the power of the red lip!



Multi-sensorial self-care elevates mind and body.

Self-care is becoming more sophisticated, inspiring daily rituals that enhance wellness in body, mind, and spirit. At its core, the practice of self-care is about connecting with oneself, feeling rooted in the here and now, and looking after one’s needs. While it can be as simple as addressing individual hair, skin, and body health, the newest products offer additional holistic, sensorial, and emotional benefits that reduce stress, promote well-being, and boost mood. It’s all about listening to your body and mind, and making the self-care journey a satisfying one.


Supercharged products reinforce the immune system.

The demand for immune-support products continues to surge in the wake of the pandemic. Consumers are ever more aware of the role their immune system plays in not only combating Covid-19, but enhancing health maintenance and disease prevention. This, in turn, is rapidly accelerating the transition of immune-boosting ingredients into the mainstream. The next generation of immunity products, including topicals and ingestibles, are becoming more widely understood by consumers in tandem with advances in scientific research.

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