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Psycare Symposium
In-person Event in Paris

A new beauty category is emerging: Psycare.
Join BEAUTYSTREAMS’ team of industry experts for a symposium on this important topic which will rapidly rise in the years to come.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023
2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. CET


Salle Gaveau
45-47 rue de la Boétie (5th Floor)
75008 Paris

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Cross-Category Shifts
2023-2026 Beauty Movements

How will the beauty industry be impacted in the upcoming years? What changes should you anticipate? BEAUTYSTREAMS has identified five BEAUTY MOVEMENTS that are set to drive the industry between 2023 and 2026 across categories and global markets. These movements are taking root today and are expected to scale up as consumer needs and demands evolve. Discover more in our 3-year forecast report.

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Age of Restoration
2022-2027 Macro Movement

The alarming effects of climate change on the environment, as well as the economic cost that comes with it, finally push humanity to act. The greatest challenge will be to find ways to decelerate economic growth without compromising the health and safety of the poorest populations. Read our Macro Movement report and find out how to foster a responsible people-planet-profit equilibrium for your brand.

Image Source: Josh Caudwell

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Holistic Wellness
Product Report

Consumers are increasingly turning to a lifestyle that nourishes the mind, body, and soul. It embraces how elements such as nutrition, sleep, exercise, self-care, and mindfulness habits work in synergy with one another to impact a person’s state of health and wellness. Discover the plethora of new product offerings in line with this new thinking.

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BEAUTYSTREAMS is an indispensable resource for beauty industry professionals. Access the expert insights, forecasts (color, product, category), and trend reports from BEAUTYSTREAMS experts through three types of services.

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BEAUTYSTREAMS is comprised of a passionate team of experts in the beauty field, who understand the demands and challenges of the sector. The content is made from an industry insider perspective, in order to meet the specialized needs of various beauty categories.

Explore our detailed inclusivity content on BEAUTYSTREAMS Premium

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A highly in-demand feature of the BEAUTYSTREAMS Premium platform, our Library Banks – Product Bank, Influencer Bank, Image Bank – are continually updated with information. Find what you need quickly by sorting by beauty category, region, and selected topic.

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Trends Worldwide

Social Media Bank

It is essential to stay informed of the social media landscape. New trends and influencers are constantly emerging around the world. With our Social Media Bank, you can search the latest trends through images from channels such as Instagram, Tiktok, Linkedin, YouTube, WeChat, Weibo, Little Red Book, etc. 

Latest Product Launches
by Category

Product Bank

Our Product Bank is a valuable time-saving tool. BEAUTYSTREAMS researchers around the globe constantly track directional product launches, filterable by beauty category, region, and selected topic. The Product Bank is regularly updated with product sheets that include descriptions, claims & benefits, technology & ingredients, retail price, INCI list, and more.

Images for Ideation

Image Bank

For your ideations, pitches, and other project needs, our Image Bank is a living gallery of compelling images, curated specifically for the beauty sector. Research images by category, region, and topic (ex: Skin care, Hair care, Color Cosmetics, Fragrance, Nails, Looks, Retail, Ingredients, Packaging, Applicators, Art/Design, Technology, Art/Design, etc.) In addition, discover the BEAUTYSTREAMS ORIGINAL images – looks, packaging, and print designs created by our international studio team.

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BEAUTYSTREAMS members span the entire beauty supply chain – ingredient suppliers, contract manufacturers, design agencies, brands, retailers. Clients range from indie to corporate giants, local to international, mass to luxury, and more.

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"BEAUTYSTREAMS provides innovative content which is invaluable to our team. The creativity, forecasting, insights, and visuals provide the necessary tools and inspiration for our new product initiatives. With the support of the BEAUTYSTREAMS team, we’re able to translate beauty trends, identify new ingredients and packaging which are relevant to our brand."

Marie Luciano, Sr. Director Global Product Development, Sally Hansen, USA

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"Any cosmetic brand that wants to make a difference in the industry should subscribe to BEAUTYSTREAMS".

Luis Figueiredo, Founder/CEO Pharmilab, Portugal

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"BEAUTYSTREAMS has greatly helped to shape so many ideas, innovation approaches and spark lighthouse territories."

Dr. Sonja Telser, Senior Manger Trends, Innovation & External Hairdresser Network Wella, Germany

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"It is a brand new experience to work with BEAUTYSTREAMS compared to other trends-watchers, their creativity, freshness and their expertise in design and art inspired me in many aspects. It not only keeps me always updated the latest trends but also enrich and stimulate my thinking for my innovations in my daily work." 

Yan Gu, Senior AIC Manager China at LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics, China

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"BEAUTYSTREAMS is like a compass for us in the cosmetics industry. Vivid and sharp in highlighting current and future trend in beauty and cosmetics industry. Truly, the guiding star of trends!"


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BEAUTYSTREAMS provides top notch insights that continue to assist the Marie Dalgar brand with its inspiration and creativity.  Their quality reports are truly a beacon of light in today’s fast changing world of beauty.

BEAUTYSTREAMS 趋势预测始终帮助著玛丽黛佳提供灵感与创意的发想,它全方位的美妆预测就像是今天这善变复杂的彩妆市场中的一道指引的曙光. 

Masa Cui, Founder Marie Dalgar, China

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“I find working with BEAUTYSTREAMS both easy and inspiring. Apart from being flexible and responsive, they provide interesting insights from a unique point of view.  Their input helps create customized programs that allow us to better connect with our customers and market.”

Erin Turner, Marketing Manager, BASF Germany

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