COSMOPROF North America Las Vegas: CosmoTrends Report 2021

Leading Trends Spotted At COSMOPROF NORTH AMERICA 2021

Cosmoprof North America (CPNA), the leading B2B beauty trade show in the Americas where up-and-coming beauty brands are discovered, often gaining national and international prominence, reopened its doors for its 18th edition after a COVID-induced hiatus last year. The show did not disappoint, with a profusion of innovative brands and products on display, many of which made an appearance in the pre-show CosmoTrends report, a collaboration between CPNA and global beauty trend forecasting authority BEAUTYSTREAMS. The six CosmoTrends include: Great Barrier Relief,Cult of CBD, Return of Play, Go With the Glow, Just Compost It, and At-Home Tweakments. The six trends converge on the collective desire to reclaim our longed-for freedom after the long months of pandemic living, while continuing to nurture our physical and mental well-being. During the show itself, BEAUTYSTREAMS’ team of reporters scouted the exhibition floor, and identified four additional trends that are shaping the beauty industry: Age of Multiculturalism, Nailing It!, Mindful Rituals, and Keep Calm and Wax On.

Below is a roundup of some of the most interesting brands and products spotted by BEAUTYSTREAMS:

Multicultural beauty is increasingly being defined by targeted products that speak to consumers’ diverse cultural and ethnic needs. Indeed, recent Census numbers indicate that while the overall population growth slowed substantially over the past decade, the number of multiracial Americans more than doubled. People who identify as more than one race, a category that first appeared on Census forms 20 years ago, are now the fastest growing racial and ethnic category. Globally, too, a large percentage of the world’s population has darker skin, yet there are limited selections in skin care and color cosmetics for people with deeper skin tones. As such, brands are developing personalized solutions for diverse, underserved consumers, and finding a rich source of inspiration in cross-cultural differences.
At CPNA, a number of inclusive brands catered to multi-hued skin tones with adapted formulations, and color palettes that celebrate the beauty of all skin tones. Ceylon is a dermatologically focused skin care brand whose mission is to deliver personal care solutions for men of color. The brand’s products address such issues as hyperpigmentation, and other chronic skin problems, without ingredients that can bleach melanin-rich skin or leave it sallow and dry. Luna Magic, founded by two Afro-Latina and Dominican-American sisters, celebrates its multicultural heritage with high-performance cosmetics inspired by the rich cultures and music of the Caribbean and Latin America. Cue the brand’s bold, vibrant colors designed to complement all hues and skin tones.

At-home nail care continues to be on the rise ever since the pandemic forced people to rethink their nail care amidst salon closures. While many people are venturing back to the office, others continue to work from home, where Zoom calls keep the spotlight on faces and hands. Thanks to countless beauty tutorials watched during lockdown (and throughout much of 2021), DIY manicures are becoming ever more sophisticated. Social media “nailfluencers” are growing in popularity, and inspiring people to make new, creative choices about their nails, an extension of self-expression akin to make-up. People are not only experimenting with colors, textures, finishes, and custom nail art (think French manicures with bold colors, light-reflective shimmers, holographic glass nails and negative space), they are also looking to enhance nail health, which is increasingly viewed as an extension of skin health.
Brands on display at CPNA presented products in nail care that mirror developments in skin care, including clean, non-toxic formulations. Cutie Oils believes that the first step to self-care is caring for your cuticles. The brand’s fragranced cuticle oils keep nails hydrated and flexible, and hence less likely to break. The cuticle oil fragrances, which include a blend of passion fruit and tangerine, and sweet vanilla with warm amber, also serve to enhance psychological well-being. Ella + Mila’s “17-Free” are nail polishes in fashion-forward colors that do not contain 17 harmful ingredients, including acetone.

As has been the case in previous years at CPNA, mindful rituals speak to the desire to nurture the mind and body, especially during stressful times. They can include a long soak in the bath, or nourishing the body with an indulgent cream and creating slow beauty rituals around it. The ritual helps impart meaning and intention to a beauty routine. It is also a signal to switch off from the day’s events in order to achieve inner calm and solace, and reach a state of ongoing physical and mental well-being.
At CPNA, the emergence of the Mindful Rituals trend was associated with a host of multi-sensorial products that invite a moment of pause and self-care: luxurious serums, oils, and body masks featuring clean formulations, mood-boosting scents, and premium textures. Mind Skincare merges the concept of mindfulness in everyday beauty routines, with products that target different areas of the body for each room in the home. Meanwhile, Keen Organics aims to deliver relief and rejuvenation for the most overlooked parts of our bodies, our hands and feet, by way of vitamin-rich, full-spectrum CBD formulas. Noyah, meaning “divine beauty,” is a food-grade cosmetics company offering products made from fully edible ingredients. The swipe of a food-grade lip balm inspires momentary rituals of pleasure.

Self-care is becoming more sophisticated, inspiring daily rituals that enhance wellness in body, mind, and spirit. At its core, the practice of self-care is about connecting with oneself, feeling rooted in the here and now, and looking after one’s needs. While it can be as simple as addressing individual hair, skin, and body health, the newest products offer additional holistic, sensorial, and emotional benefits that reduce stress, promote well-being, and boost mood. It’s all about listening to your body and mind, and making the self-care journey a satisfying one.

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