April 2020

Efficiency During the Crisis & Beyond: 

Insights from the Beautystreams Work Model

The Covid-19 crisis has shown us the importance of agile companies and work systems. Now even as some countries are emerging from lockdowns, remote work is set to become a prevalent model in the next years. BEAUTYSTREAMS, the global beauty industry reference, presents their firsthand insights to help companies can maintain efficiency during the crisis and in future years, through a supple remote work mindset. Starting May 5, the complimentary webinar will be open for streaming in 7 languages.

Since its inception ten years ago, BEAUTYSTREAMS has been successfully operating on a “Remote Hive Synergy” work structure, a versatile approach to operating a team of over two hundred experts worldwide working in multiple time zones across six continents. As in a beehive, every team member plays a vital, contributing role in the community and has a specific responsibility that is important to the survival of the overall community. “Synergy” refers to the dynamic network of constant communications through open channels with no hierarchal restrictions. “Remote Hive Synergy” is a borderless approach that optimizes efficiency for companies, while allowing employees to maintain the work-life balance and freedom that many seek.

BEAUTYSTREAMS’ webinar shares a wealth of hard-earned tips, including tech tools that give maximum support, operational practices that keep the vast global remote network working seamlessly, tried-and-tested methods to keep individuals and remote teams motivated, promoting a ‘we’ not ‘me’ culture, fostering innovation and experimentation at a distance, retaining talent from afar, and the benefits of remote work from a long-range macro view.

“We’ve always worked this way and never went into explanation. Yet in light of the situation today, we felt compelled to share our experience, with the sincere hope that people will find useful insights during this crisis,” says Lan Vu, Founder & CEO of BEAUTYSTREAMS.

The webinar is part of “The Covid-19 Impact” series from BEAUTYSTREAMS, a series of new online reports and webinars to offer ongoing support for the global beauty industry.


About Lan Vu

Lan Vu is the Founder and CEO of BEAUTYSTREAMS, the global beauty industry reference. Ms. Vu is a renowned trend forecast visionary with over 30 years of experience. She lectures worldwide and is frequently quoted in international trade and consumer publications.


BEAUTYSTREAMS is the global beauty industry reference. The company is an indispensable source of information for brands on six continents, providing color forecasts, consumer insights and trend analyses.

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