INTERCOLOR 2024/1 Congress

INTERCOLOR 2024/1 Congress: Revolutionizing the Approach to Color Trends and Seasonality in a Polycentric World

The 2024/1 edition of INTERCOLOR took place in Helsinki from May 11-13, 2022, hosted by the Finnish member association ICfin RY, where the USA was represented by BEAUTYSTREAMS through its non profit arm, the Openstreams Foundation.  

The main goal of the bi-annual meetings is cultural exchange, which allows gathering insights about international as well as local societal and chromatic evolutions, valid for the upcoming years.

During the congress, national representatives of 17 countries shared material innovations that will inspire the sustainable and technological development of textiles, interior design, and packaging in the upcoming years, alongside national color trend proposals. During the three-day run, a committee of high-level color experts analyzed and distilled key findings in order to develop the official INTERCOLOR trend proposal.

In today’s world, the drivers behind societal, economic, and cultural shifts emerge simultaneously in different places around the globe. Purely Western-centric influences are a thing of the past as economies on all continents and both hemispheres have increased their global cultural impact. Therefore, for this new edition, the national representatives of INTERCOLOR unanimously agreed to evolve the approach to seasonality in their color trend proposal. Instead of developing 4 to 5 major color stories articulated around one specific season, the INTERCOLOR group decided to develop intra-seasonal micro-ranges composed of 3 to 4 shades each, all backed up by the organization’s exceptional global vision on trans-cultural and local trends. 

Consequently, these micro-trends can be used to inspire small capsule collections for the first half of 2024, including either newly developed products, a curation of existing products, or a mix of both. The large amount of micro-ranges allows to integrate shade combinations that address any season, cultural taste, or climate condition in order to have a truly inclusive offer that addresses both the northern and southern hemispheres, as well as product development for the digital space, which – by definition – does not rely on seasonality. 

Instead of referring to the Spring/Summer 2024 season then, which would only apply to the northern hemisphere, the trend proposal has been dubbed 2024/1, referring to the first half of the year. The 2024/2 ranges targeting the second half of 2024, will be developed during the next INTERCOLOR Congress in November 2022 in Barcelona.


INTERCOLOR was created in 1963 following an initiative of France, Switzerland, and Japan. Their respective representatives, Mr. Fred Carlin, Mr. Milo Legnazzi, and Mr. Yasuo Inamura, agreed that fashion color should be discussed internationally. The first INTERCOLOR session was held in Paris on September 9, 1963, with 11 participating nations. Over the last 58 years, new countries have joined the organization, allowing the network and its activities to continue to develop further.

INTERCOLOR currently counts 17 member countries in Europe, Asia, and America.

The non-profit organization is a platform for color research and development, assembling an interdisciplinary group of color experts. These experts not only represent national associations but also work for major players in textile, fashion, beauty as well as design and, more broadly, come from all sectors where color counts.

Membership of INTERCOLOR is exclusively reserved for non-commercial national organizations, specialized in color coordination for the textile, beauty, and fashion industries, and for those working in the relevant fields in their respective countries.

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