Stop Age Anxiety – Challenging the Youth Dictate

STOP AGE ANXIETY – Challenging the Youth Dictate

In recent months, since we launched this awareness campaign, you may have come across the above phrase. But what does it mean really? And how does it impact you and your business? With populations living longer, it’s time to reexamine our perspectives on aging.

Discover more about STOP AGE ANXIETY as we spread this important message across the world, locally and in 8 languages.

As part of a non-profit awareness campaign for the Openstreams Foundation, BEAUTYSTREAMS presents its analysis of how brands are addressing aging today, as well as its vision on how to enhance attitudes towards aging and alleviate the pressures created by the beauty dictates of our modern society. STOP AGE ANXIETY is not against anti-aging products, but encourages a more open and inclusive view on aging. In fact, this wider perspective creates opportunities for new types of products that address aging in different ways.


  • Background
  • Market Evolution
  • What is age anxiety?
  • Objectives
  • Collaborators & Sponsor
  • About the Logo
  • About the Campaign
  • What if … ?

15-20 minutes

Available in: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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