LIFESCAPES: From Lifestyle Shifts to Packaging and Formulation Trends


From Lifestyle Shifts to Packaging and Formulation Trends

As the world moves towards personalization, the individual comes to the forefront. No longer can we analyze consumers with over-generalized categorizations of groups and tribes. BEAUTYSTREAMS presents an innovative approach to consumer and lifestyle analysis. Instead of tribes, we have defined several Lifestyle Profiles, psychological traits shared by consumers across different age groups and global regions. The Lifestyle Profiles are built based on our experts’ observations of lifestyles, behavior, and attitudes around the world. Each person is composed of varying percentages of one or more of these Lifestyle Profiles. By using this Lifestyle Profile mapping system, brands can fine-tune their identity, purpose, tone of voice, and overall marketing strategy. Following this methodology, we recognize and highlight each person as a distinct, multi-layered individual.


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