COSMOVISION Report 2023-2028

A Strategic Roadmap for the Beauty Industry

Discover an exclusive macro forecast that spotlights how big societal movements will impact the beauty industry. As we step into the future, learn about the big shifts that will shape the years to come. Significant changes in technology, social responsibility, and sustainability will continue to reshape our world, producing a cascading effect on all industries, including beauty.

For the development of CosmoVision 2023-2028, BEAUTYSTREAMS has tapped into the expertise of its Future Collective, whose members count leading experts in the fields of biotechnology, sociology, art, design, digital development, sustainability, and medical science, to collect their unique viewpoints on the world’s future. Through its proprietary Trend Funnel forecast methodology, BEAUTYSTREAMS analyzes and predicts how these insights and macro trends will impact the beauty sector, offering a compass for the years to come.

This year, BEAUTYSTREAMS and Cosmoprof invite the beauty industry to celebrate OTHERNESS – Beauty in the unique.

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